If you have a hard floor such as wood, laminate, stone or tile etc., these felt pads will help protect the surface from gradual wear/scuffing that may occur over time if there is any dirt on the floor when the sled is used.


We can't guarantee the felt pads will keep all floor types completely unmarked if there's any dirt around.  Some types of delicate wood floor for instance are recognised favourably for their ability to wear over time as this can add character.  However, when you consider the floor can become scratched by dirty pram wheels on their own, or from the sharp edges of a dismantled pram, these pads can offer a good all-round solution compared to the alternatives. Especially when combined with many of the other benefits.

Felt pads (set of 4)

  • This is a set of 4 sticky-backed felt pads. Each one is 25 x 30 cm is size and 3mm thick.  This is a one-size fits all product as they can be positioned to suit the wheels of your pram.


    The protective film can be simply peeled-off allowing you to stick one in each corner on the underside of a Pram Sled. 

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