Pram Sled dimensions

Even the widest Pram Sled (MAXI) should fit through a standard size internal doorway (72cm).  However, if the door isn’t able to open fully then you may have less space to manoeuvre than you think. While some allowance for this has been made, all the dimensions are detailed below so you can work out if your Pram Sled will fit around any tight corners or into any awkward spaces in your home. This is especially worth checking if you need to move through an internal doorway at an angle (i.e. not straight-on).

If you find the size we recommend for your pram isn’t suitable, you may want to choose our DIY kit which allows you to custom make a Pram Sled to suit.  You get to tailor the dimensions to make it work for your pram and the space in your home.

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Patent pending PCT/IB2020/053210. Designed and handmade in the UK
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