Delivery is within 10 working days.  Most parcels will be sent out sooner, but as we're a small business this just gives us some flexibility to react to changes in demand.

Data security

We only share the address, e-mail and phone number you provide when placing an order with our delivery courier.  This is to allow them to deliver your order and notify you about the status. 


We'll only use/try to contact you via the telephone number you provide in rare cases if there is a problem with your order; if the courier has been unable to deliver for some reason say.


Also, we may e-mail you a few weeks after we’ve shipped your order just to see if everything is ok and you’re able to make the most of your Pram Sled.


We also keep a record of your purchase as part of due diligence with manufacturing and distributing the Pram Sleds and to help satisfy The General Product Safety Regulations 2005.


If you change your mind and decide to return your Pram Sled® to us then please e-mail and let us know at  Providing the sled has not been used or damaged etc. we're happy to offer a full refund once it has been returned to us. 

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