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Hi there,

We are the Hudsons and together we invented the Pram Sled®

Shortly after becoming parents we struggled repeatedly to keep the dirty pram wheels off the floor.  We also had no space in the hallway to leave the pram and needed an easier way to bring our baby into the home to better monitor her while she slept undisturbed in the pram. 

The Pram Sled is an elegant solution created out of necessity to solve these issues and more.

After a great deal of development, it’s a unique product that we’re incredibly proud of. So much so that we’re sure you’ll see the same wonderful benefits from using it as we do.

'Happy Sledding!'

Rebecca, Craig & Our Little Hudson

P Hands-free

No awkward clips, straps or covers to

 apply so your hands stay nice & clean.

P More baby sleep

Your baby continues to rest undisturbed

in the pram after you return home.

P Slide into the home

Contains the mess with minimum fuss.

Keeps your floor clean.

P Cuts out the hard work

Gives more freedom and makes it easier

to continue with your day.

P Peace of mind

Move the pram into the same room as you to

keep a closer eye on them while they sleep.

P Better alternative

Save on floor cleaning products.

Better floor lifespan from containing dirt & water.

P Unclutter your entrance

Slide the pram away from the door

to keep the area clear for better access

P Dodge the dismantling

Pram Stays ready to use. Avoid unfolding

it every time you leave the home.

One size fits all

The Pram Sled Flex Fit® caters for pretty much all prams on the market.  As an easy guide, if you can get your pram through your front door then the Flex Fit will almost certainly fit your pram (i.e. up to 69cm wide).

For double prams (and prams that are exceptionally long or wide), we've provided a size guide so you can check it will fit...

Works with

4 wheels...

...or 3 wheels.

For carpeted or hard floors

The Pram Sled Flex Fit® slides on practically all floor types.  This is because felt pads can be attached which provide the option of making it work for hard floors as opposed to carpets.

If you have a combination of both hard floors & carpets (e.g. a tiled entrance with carpeted living area) a good solution is to put down a runner (essentially a long rug) to span the length of the hallway.  This lets you slide the Pram Sled though the home from the front door straight into the living room. 

Check out the information about use on hard floors here.

Felt pads included

For a trial period we’re delighted to be able to offer felt pads as standard (for hard floor use).  This is aimed at improving the experience to allow the product to work in the widest range of situations.  We’re looking to gauge the response of this in the future but we’re hoping it will be met with positivity!

felt pads close up.jpg

Lightweight & Flexible

​The most significant challenge to overcome during the development was with creating a design that was both incredibly lightweight and flexible.


Successfully stripping back the unnecessary mass and stiffness makes the sled very easy to use and highly manoeuvrable.


In practice, the capacity to bend and flex around doorframes and furniture allows it to slide though extremely tight spaces in the home. This gives it the ability to reach areas that would be unachievable if the design was stiffer.

Pram Sled Flex Fit - bend around corner v5_2.jpg

Limited edition canvas bag

Our Pram Sled Flex Fit® comes packaged in a beautifully presented limited edition canvas bag. This can be reused to help with shopping trips when you’re around town, or as an ideal place to pack all of those baby essentials when you’re off out for the day.


The big benefit with this compared to most other canvas bags is that it comes with a zip too.  This gives added security and makes sure nothing falls out when it gets lifted from the pram basket upside-down!

canvas bag close up.jpg
bag tag close up.jpg
zip on bag close up.jpg

Flex Fit® Innovative Design

The Pram Sled Flex Fit® is our most adaptable sled yet.  Whether you have a pram with 4 wheels or 3 wheels and a home with carpets or hard floors, the Flex Fit design works for almost all situations. 


This makes the choice simple and easy as you have a close-guarantee that it will suit your needs. 

Additionally, the Flex Fit uses our novel peel-and-stick design. This provides a bespoke fit which is incredibly compact to ensure the best manoeuvrability for sliding your pram through the tightest of spaces.  


What's more, it has been modestly styled with a peaceful woodland leaf theme to fit seamlessly into any home surrounding.