Important information and tips on how to use your Pram Sled.

Find my size

Check out this list of prams to see if we already have a Pram Sled to match.

Selector Tool

Enter your pram measurements to find a Pram Sled that fits.

Measurement guide

Explains how to take the correct pram measurements for the selector tool.

Pram Sled dimensions

Use these if you need to check you're able to fit the Pram Sled through any tight spaces in your home.


Get in touch if you have a query.

Delivery, Returns & Data Security

How long will your order take, what to do if you change your mind, and how we use the information you provide.

Dirt Test

For non-carpeted floors (e.g. wood, laminate, stone or tile floors), see the benefits of using felt pads.

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