Our award-winning Pram Sled Flex Fit® provides the simplest way to bring your pram into the home without getting dirty wheels on the floor.


It’s easy to use and attaches without even needing to touch it. Just ride the pram on and the hard work of containing the mess is taken care of. Special cushions at the ends of the sled act as wedges for the wheels which help you slide the pram straight into the home.


Job done!

Pram Sled Flex Fit®

  • The Pram Sled Flex Fit® is extremely versatile: 


    ● One size fits all*

    ● For prams with 4 wheels or 3 wheels.

    ● For carpeted or hard floors.

    ● Explore the benefits here.



    ASSEMBLY REQUIRED (at least 1 hour).



    For a limited period we’re delighted to have a promotion in which we’re able to offer:


    ● Free felt pads for use on hard floors.

    ● Free limited edition canvas bag.


    This is superb value and also makes the Pram Sled® a great gift for a baby shower or birthday that has eye-catching originality as well as being incredibly useful.  What’s more, you can be sure it will suit most situations that new parents find themselves embarking upon.


    Invented and designed in Warwick, UK by the Hudson family. Read the story behind the invention here.