About Us

Hello there,

Thank you for taking the time to find out who we are and how the invention of the Pram Sled was developed.

To explain a little bit about us, we’re a recent start-up company based in Warwick, Warwickshire. A  small independent family run business which employs just two people (myself and my wife).

The idea of the Pram Sled was first dreamed up not long after the birth of our first child.  Living in a small two-bed terrace house, we had a fairly compact living space to fit our new life into.  However, it wasn’t until a few months into parenthood that we realised the necessity for an invention which would become the Pram Sled.

"we were spending a great deal of energy

just trying to keep mud off the carpet"

Like most first-time parents, we were very aware that we would soon be facing a host of new challenges and although good preparation was undoubtedly a great benefit, there was always going to be an element of venturing into a new situation which only actual experience would prepare us for.  While many new life lessons were learned in the first few months, one area we found that occupied a significant effort was with leaving and returning home with the pram.  As all parents owning a pram will know, the wheels of the pram have a fantastic ability to pick up just about any kind of dirt on the street.   Even if it’s not a particularly wet day and you’d only popped-out to the shops for a loaf of bread, you can guarantee when you get back home the wheels will look like they’ve just finished a 10 mile trek through The New Forest.  This made returning home a repetitive struggle as we were spending a great deal of energy just trying to keep mud off the carpet.

Living in our terrace house, the hallway wasn’t wide enough to simply leave the pram by the doorway as there was very little room to squeeze past.  Also, the effort of dismantling or folding it away seemed like one job too many on top of an ever increasing list of additional jobs to add to the routine.  So the option we settled on, at least to begin with, was to use a simple plastic rug as a floor protector which ran the length of the hallway and, while crouching over, pull this sheet with the pram on top into our living room.  There was a lot more space for the pram in the living room which meant we had the immediate benefit of being able to move past it fairly easily whilst the carpet stayed clean.  It also meant we didn’t have to take our baby out of the pram if she was sleeping when we came back home, which was often the case.  But even if our hallway had been more spacious, we wouldn’t have wanted to leave her sleeping by the door.  Especially in the early days when she was very young.  We felt we wanted to be able to watch over her more closely. 

"How could a device attach to

a pram without even touching it?"

So the simple plastic rug did give us an answer.  However, there were several downsides.  Apart from the fact that it looked quite unsightly, it was difficult to bend over and pull the sheet along whilst also trying to hold the pram to stop it rolling off and ultimately still getting the carpet muddy.


After a few months of unsuccessfully searching the internet for a better solution, we started to wonder if we could make something ourselves which could improve upon our barely-sufficient plastic rug. After initially not really being able to come up with anything, our minds started to drift into what we thought was edging on sci-fi / border-line fantasy.  For instance, wouldn't it be great to invent a levitating pram that simply floats into the house to avoid muddy wheels all together!


While this futuristic embellishment seemed at first like a distant possibility, it did help to kick-start the development of a product which could perform a similarly futuristic concept – to invent a device which you can ride a pram onto and, without even bending down to touch it, can grip the pram wheels automatically allowing you to simply slide it straight into the home.


Thinking of a way to attach such a device without needing to fasten any clips or straps originally seemed impossible.  How could a device attach to a pram without even touching it?

At the time all this was happening, I was working full-time at a job which required a substantial commute to get to.  Arguably, this long commute back and forth was the key to the invention's development as it gave me time to think of a way to turn the concept of the Pram Sled into a reality.

"we finally have a

product to be proud of"

Over a year later and after countless rounds of test and development work, the design of the Pram Sled had started to take shape.  Despite the long commute and being a new parent, the excitement and challenge of developing the invention was a big positive which continued to drive the idea forward. There were many times when the ideas didn't work out like I’d hoped and it was difficult having to go back to the drawing board and accept the negative aspect of failure.  Especially when it seemed like every spare amount of energy was being put into the design.  Anecdotally, I’d read lots of stories from other inventors and entrepreneurs who’d talked about the blood sweat and tears needed to get their ideas to where they wanted, and while the Pram Sled isn’t as recognisable as a Dyson vacuum say,  I can certainly empathise with the monumental efforts needed to get an idea off the ground.

So without wanting to wax lyrical too much about the Pram Sled,  I’m very excited and pleased that we finally have a product to be proud of that we can present to you - the customer


I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out a little bit more about us.  If you do decide that a Pram Sled is the right choice for you, hopefully by sharing our story you have a bit more of an appreciation for the journey we’ve taken to create a product that I'm sure will give you just as much benefit as we've seen from using ours.


Happy sledding!


Craig & Beki Hudson

©2020 The Original Hudson

Patent pending PCT/IB2020/053210. Designed and handmade in the UK
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