Information for hard floors

Felt pads are essential for all hard floors (e.g. wood, stone, tile etc.) when using the Pram Sled®.


However, for non scratch resistant floors, there is a chance you may still notice gradual wear from using it over time.  This is due to the effect that small amounts of pre-existing dirt can have.


While this is consistent with any general wear & tear advice, the overall effect will be much smaller in comparison to the more severe damage done by not using any floor protection.


This is easy to see why.  If left exposed, any dirt on the wheels will be rolled straight into the floor and subsequently stepped on as the pram is brought into the home. Not only does this create a lot of avoidable mess, but the grit from the mud will be squashed straight into the floor.  This has potential to cause significant damage even after just one trip out.


To protect your floor, the Pram Sled Flex Fit® is designed with a twin-layer of cushioning.  This protects against any damage caused by dirt on the wheels. It's also a barrier to keep the mud contained (so the floor stays much cleaner!) and it catches the rainwater that drips off the pram (which cuts the risk of water damage to the floor).  

Alternatively, use the Pram Sled® as a carpet slider (i.e. without the felt pads) by putting down a runner (or long rug) to span the length of the hard floor. This is also a great solution if you have combination of floor types (e.g. hard floor hallway and carpeted living area).

So what are you waiting for!?  Add a Pram Sled® to the shopping cart and start enjoying the benefits!