Dirt test on hard floors

Felt pads are essential for hard floors (e.g. wood, stone, tile etc.) when using the Pram Sled.


However, if you have a delicate hard floor, there is a chance you may still notice gradual wear from using it over time. To give some idea about this, we’ve done some tests to help you decide if it’s the right option for you.

The results below are after 6 months use (equivalent to 150 rubs) for the Pram Sled with felt pads….

Delicate floor

Wood effect panel (low scratch resistance) 

Very dirty floor


Pram Sled sample 

with felt pad

Visible wear

Close up

Scratch resistant floor

Laminate (wood effect)

Pram Sled

with felt pads



Very dirty floor

No marks or scuffs

How this helps to make a decision

Whatever your hard floor type, keeping the floor clean, combined with using felt pads with the Pram Sled are essential for greatly reducing wear on hard floors.

If you have a scratch resistant floor, it’s likely it won’t scratch at all. 

For more delicate hard floors, we can't guarantee it will stay completely unmarked.  That said, the wear only occurs because the floor has dirt on it.  So the good news is for clean home floors, the results will be better than our test. 

Putting this into perspective, it’s worth bearing in mind that dirty pram wheels on their own may still scratch through general wear and tear.  So compared to this, the Pram Sled may well improve the longevity of the floor overall.  Although additionally, some delicate wood floors for instance will mark/scuff over time which is part of their appeal as it can add character. 

If you still have any concerns, remember that keeping the Pram Sled (with felt pads) in one place (to avoid moving it all together) will still provide an excellent barrier for keeping the muddy wheels contained.

Hopefully this gives you some help to weigh-up the alternatives and decide if it's the right option for your hard floor.

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