User Guide

•Read all the information carefully before using your Pram Sled®. 

•The information is considered useful and appropriate however it does not replace the need for responsible decision making and adult supervision at all times.

•Keep this information for future reference.

Sleeping in the pram

 The Pram Sled helps your baby benefit from longer sleep if they’re napping in the pram when you return home after being out for the day.  The hassle-free nature of the Pram Sled for keeping the dirty wheels off the floor means you can bring the pram straight into the home in a way that causes them minimal disturbance.   This lets your baby continue to rest rather than needing to be lifted out immediately at the door.  So they're less likely to wake up (and therefore sleep longer). 


While the Pram Sled also allows for closer monitoring in this scenario, a couple of additional things to consider when your baby is sleeping in the pram are: 

  • Make sure your baby is appropriately layered so they don't overheat after coming into the warm house.

  • Read the pram manufacturers guidance about sleeping in the pram (which can vary between models).

If have any concerns or would like to know more about safe sleep, the Lullaby Trust has a wealth of information to help you make the right decisions.   

The Pram Sled has been designed to meet UK General Product Safety Regulations 2005
Parts manufactured in China and the UK.
Designed and packaged in the UK.